Corcept Headquarters


“At Corcept, it is a pleasure being part of a dedicated and talented team that makes a difference for our patients. I finish each day with the feeling that we are doing the right thing for our current and future patients, bringing health and hope to those in need.”

Andrew Greenstein

Associate Director, Translational Scientist

“Working at Corcept as a Patient Advocate has been, by far, the most fulfilling career experience I have ever had. I have grown as a professional and feel valued and appreciated as an individual. It is such a joy to go to work each day knowing that my efforts are making a direct contribution to improving the lives of those suffering from a rare disease.”

Amy Field-Smith

Cushing’s Patient Advocate Manager

“I have found a family here at Corcept – where idea development is fostered over idea ownership, the good of the patient takes precedent over individual agendas, and the value of individual contribution extends beyond titles and silos.”

Mike Evans

Associate Director, Commercial Training

“I have worked at multiple organizations within this industry, Corcept is the first place where I am empowered to be an independent thinker, where those ideas are given relevance and I am completely engaged.”

Aviva Simonte

Clinical Sales Specialist

“Our underlying culture is centered around patients. It is genuine and far-reaching.  I am proud to be part of a team that is experienced, smart, and dedicated to our company mission and driven by patient focus.”

Melissa Ansari

Associate Director, Commercial Development

“I am proud to work at Corcept because of our unparalleled commitment to the patient and each other. My colleagues at Corcept are world class, always willing to listen and to help with any obstacle.”

Neven Pesa

Medical Science Liaison

“Corcept is a truly a one-of-a-kind company, it is an honor to be on this journey to help our patients.”

Patti Foley

Human Resources