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Korlym® (mifepristone) 300 mg Tablets

Korlym is a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist that is indicated to control hyperglycemia associated with Cushing's syndrome, a rare, debilitating endocrine disorder. Cushing's syndrome is caused by prolonged exposure to elevated levels of glucocorticoids (hypercortisolism). The potent metabolic effects of excess cortisol influence many tissues and body systems, and patients often have many problems, including diabetes, obesity, muscle wasting, depression, cognitive difficulties, and psychosis.

Korlym was launched in April 2012, and was the first FDA-approved oral therapy for the treatment of patients with endogenous Cushing's syndrome.

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Indications and Usage

Korlym (mifepristone) is a cortisol receptor blocker indicated to control hyperglycemia secondary to hypercortisolism in adult patients with endogenous Cushing's syndrome who have type 2 diabetes mellitus or glucose intolerance and have failed surgery or are not candidates for surgery.

Important Limitations of Use

Do not use for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus unrelated to endogenous Cushing's syndrome.


Mifepristone is a potent antagonist of progesterone and cortisol via the progesterone and glucocorticoid (GR-II) receptors, respectively. The antiprogestational effects will result in the termination of pregnancy. Pregnancy must therefore be excluded before the initiation of treatment with Korlym and prevented during treatment and for one month after stopping treatment by the use of a non-hormonal medically acceptable method of contraception unless the patient has had a surgical sterilization, in which case no additional contraception is needed. Pregnancy must also be excluded if treatment is interrupted for more than 14 days in females of reproductive potential.

Please see Full Prescribing Information and Medication Guide.

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